Quality Standards
Quality Standards




The quality standards for design, manufacturing, and supply of Bag Control Mechanisms are

1. Enquiry Stage

2. Design Stage & Contract Review Stage

3. Manufacturing Stage

4. Post Delivery (Customer Support) Stage

Enquiry Stage

AEC CNC PRIVATE LIMITED Design Team, on receipt of an enquiry, studies the Specifications in detail and understands Customer Requirement clearly. The team understands how the Bag Control Mechanism is interfaced and mounted/fitted with the Tire Curing Press and also understands process requirements and the functional aspects of the same.

Design Stage & Contract Review Stage

The Design Team along with Manufacturing Team understands, reviews and ensures aspects like

  1. Top Cap Configurations
  2. Spacer Requirements – Piston Stoke
  3. Material Specifications of all the Components
  4. Process and Functional Requirements
  5. Adequate Space for Maintenance
  6. Critical Interfacing and Mounting Dimensions and Bladder Fixing Arrangements and all other design parameters
  7. Types of Seals and Sealing Configurations
  8. Assembling and Testing ProceduresThe Design Team prepares the general arrangement drawing and cross sectional drawing indicating the above parameters and forwards the same to the customer for
    approval. After customer approval, all other detailed and assembly drawings along with the Bills of Materials are released for manufacturing

Manufacturing Stage

All the raw materials are procured confirming to relevant material specifications as noted in the drawings/Bill of materials and supported by chemical and mechanical test reports.Similarly all the bought out/purchased/proprietary items are procured ensuring that they meet the design specifications as noted in the drawings/Bill of Material.Procurement is supported by the relevant inspection reports.All the components are manufactured and inspected in line with the relevant quality documents/quality standards.Components are sub assembled as per assembly procedures and tested as per the quality documents/ quality standards.All the components and sub assemblies are assembled to make the final product which is tested in accordance to the quality standards.The product is painted as per painting specifications, properly coated to prevent rust and packed adequately to avoid transit damages with proper Packing List and shipping marks.

Post Delivery (Customer Support) Stage
The Design Team prepares the Installation, Operation and Maintenance Manual clearly identifying the parts along with Bill of Materials and assembly drawings and forwards the same to the customer.AEC CNC PRIVATE LIMITED., provides warranty/guarantee (with relevant Warranty classes) for 12 months for material workmanship and for the trouble free performance of the product. After-sales Service of the product is provided by a qualified Service Team.