Low noise plates
Valve noise is generated by high-pressure drops across the Valve and by the subsequent turbulence downstream.


As a direct result, noise is radiated to the surrounding area by the downstream Piping system. In certain situations equipment damage or personal injury could be caused by a noise source.


Therefore noise reduction is not only desired it is mandatory.


Low noise plate is a pressure reduction device that is installed downstream from a control Valve. The total pressure drop needed for flow control of a flow control loop is divided between the Valve and Plate.



This enables the valve to operate at a lower pressure ratio. The Low noise plates also greatly reduce and control Valve noise level generated by Steam, Gas or Vapor flow.



A properly selected Low noise Plate Valve combination can result in up to 40 dBA noise reduction.


Here at AEC we provide high-quality low noise plates which are exactly what you are looking for. The low noise plates are made from a high-quality SS316L material and made with high precision and quality.