Case Plain Half

Case Flanged Half3A Flange is a method of connecting pipes, valves, pumps and other equipment to form a mechanical system.


Therefore Flanges are usually Manufactured by welding or being screwed.


The Case Flanged Half & Case Plain Half are commonly used in assembling the main Differential and the Ring gear assembly of the Earthmovers.


Since it involves the Differential and the Ring gear assemble it connects various parts. Accordingly, it is also one of the parts which connects the wheel to the axle.


In all the Earthmovers the thrust washers and the side gears are installed into the Case Flanged Half.


AEC is known for its Case Flange and Case Plain MaCase Flanged Half2nufacturing. Here we manufacture and machine various types of Flange and one of them is the Case Flanged Half.


We use the finest of SG Iron for the manufacturing process of Case Flanged Half. We have various customers around the world totally depended on us for the Manufacturing of this product.

A few of the reputed brands trusting us are Caterpillar, tractor, etc.