Cage Bearing1

Cage Bearing3Ball Bearing Cages & Retainers. The Cage bearing is the component in a Ball bearing that separates the balls, maintains the balls symmetrical radial spacing.


It also in most cases, holds the bearings together. Rotary bearings hold rotating components such as shaft or axles within mechanical systems.


They also transfer axial and radial loads from the source of the load to the structure supporting it in earth movers.


Cage Bearing2Unfortunately, all cages produce frictional forces that increase the starting and running torque in the bearing due to their rubbing contact.


As a result, Cages are available in a variety of configurations and materials that enhance performance in torque sensitive applications, at higher speeds, or in extreme environments.


AEC manufactures various types of cage bearings and each of the cage Bearing is checked with proper care is manufactured with precision.

We provide various sizes of cage bearing at AEC and the material used for the production is the pure SG Iron. The sizes of the cage bearing can Manufactured according to the customer’s requirements.