The Elbow is used to provide support to huge Pipelines. These Elbows are usually seen with a 90-degree bend to support two different Pipelines are different angles.


There are various advantages of using the Elbow in your piping system rather than bending around with your piping.
The elbows are
1) Flexible – can be laid in concrete structures as well Suitable for temporary solutions.ELBOW
2) All water-bearing parts highly corrosion resistant.
3) Dead space free pipe connections with full cross-section.
4) Replacement of the inner pipe is possible without damaging wall panels and tiles.
5) Low noise, meets the tightened noise protection requirements.
6) Versatile installation and assembly aids available.
AEC provides the best Elbow product. It is manufactured with high precision and care. The material used for the manufacturing process is the finest and chosen after a lot of designing process and planning.
The manufacturing process is done high-quality machines and products are always checked for high precision and perfection.