Rear Differential Housing1

Rear Differential Housing3

The bearings and rear Axle Housing are key components of the Rear Axle assembly.Therefore, they are designed to support and align the Differential assembly and the drive Axles.


Firstly, Notice that the bearings and Axle Housing are large, heavy-duty parts. This is to ensure they will stand up under hard usage.


Gaskets are used at housing interfaces, such as between the differential cover and the housing. This is to provide a tight seal from the outside.
By design, the axial center line of the drive Pinion gear lies below that of the Ring gear.
Rear Differential Housing2

With this design, the Pinion gear is placed lower in the Rear Axle housing.


The purpose of the Differential Housing case assembly is to allow the vehicle to make turns without slippage or wheel hop.
It does this with an arrangement of gears that allow the Rear wheels to turn at different speeds.


At AEC we manufacture and machine all the types of Rear Differential Housing for various sizes. We only make use of the pure SG Iron for the Manufacturing purposes.
Therefore it is always made sure that the end product is extremely hard and has been given perfect finishing by our expert employees.